Sun Micro Content

He’s on the nose. He’s charming. And now you can make your own social content from these micro video clips.

Video Details

Sun Micro Content

The Sun micro content package includes the Sun performing a series of unspecific actions, like dancing, waving, and pointing, which can be used to create a massive amount of additional image, short video, and gif-based content. This can include quick calls to action, messages, offers, quotes, or any number of content types, which can be overlaid or created with these raw assets.

Sun Calls to Action

The package also includes the Sun speaking 13 Calls to Action, like, “Click the link to learn more.” These CTA’s can be added to the end of the Sun, Son video or others to cap them with a direct-response objective in multiple combinations, so you an test which CTA proves most effective.

Recommended Use

We recommend purchasing this package along with any of the videos from the ‘Sun, Son’ series, so you can create an integrated, themed campaign for your viewers, which would boost recognition, retention, and overall action.

Included Assets

High Quality 3840 x 2160 UHD Editable Core Video

DN-HRX 10-bit codec with .mxf file wrapper to eliminate visual quality loss from subsequent edits

Subtitle (.srt) file for closed captions on all major distribution platforms

How-to-Guide for Customizing the video to your campaign and brand messaging

Available Premium Services

Editing & Video Customization

Strategy & Campaign Integration Consult Call