Video Solutions for Residential Solar
Sales & Marketing

Attract, nurture & close new solar customers

We offer a holistic set of video solutions that develop brand loyalty at every stage of the sales cycle. 

custom solar video series funnel

Lead-Generating Video Funnels

themed Video sequences that turbo-charge every step of your customer journey

If you’re a regional solar sales team or a larger solar marketing agency with many clients, a targeted custom video campaign could be the most effective advertising tool in your arsenal. We’ll create videos that match each step of the customer journey to create an on-brand, on-theme experience for the customer and drive them to contact you. 

Ongoing Video Ad Creative Partner

Power your facebook or youtue advertising

The key to successfully leveraging Facebook and YouTube advertising to grow your business is making engaging, strategic creatives or each stage of the customer journey and optimizing them over time. We’ll create custom videos for you every month for you to build and optimize your digital ads to increase brand awareness, attract new customers, and keep ad costs consistent over time in local markets.

solar social content stream
distribution coaching

Video Distribution Coaching

Successfully leverage your video creative

Unlike traditional video production companies, we stick with you through the distribution process to ensure you’re making the most of your video. This hybrid studio/coach approach passes the benefits of our experience working with our unique style of creative on to you, so that your solar business can stand out and convert. 

Coaching Features

Private Strategy Calls
Ad Campaign Setup Assistance

Campaign Optimization

Engagement Tools

Nurture leads with video-assisted engagement tools

Once you have a lead on your radar, make sure you close them by nurturing them through as many touch-points as possible. Our educational and communication-enhancing video automations allow you to connect with your leads, between the traditional touch-points. 

Types of Engagement Tools

Email Videos Sequences & Retargeting

Custom Video Greetings & Followup
Sales & Education Video Libraries
Video Testimonials & Review Collection Tools

Find the Best Solution Blend for Your Solar Marketing Goals

Each solar team has different needs in their sales & marketing process. The following chart serves as a guideline of which solutions may be most relevant to you. When we speak, we’ll dive deep into your business and determine the perfect cocktail of solution–no more, no less.

solar video solutions

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