A Video Impact Agency

We provide color correction and grading services to video production companies, digital marketing agencies, and in-house content creation teams to help them differentiate and improve the visual impact of their videos.

Traditionally reserved for Hollywood movies and big brand commercials, we believe color correction and grading provides one of the greatest, yet under-utilized, tools to help companies grab attention, create a strong brand image, and drive results through video marketing. We partner with production companies, digital marketing agencies, and in-house content teams to help them leverage this process and amplify each and every video campaign to fulfill its maximum potential.

Color Correction and Grading

We specialize in taking your footage and turning it into vibrant videos that grab attention and drive results. Learn more about our offerings, worflow, and past projects here.

In-House Color Support

Not every project has the budget for a dedicated colorist, and we understand. That's why we offer ongoing and hourly in-house consulting to assist your editor to work with difficult footage and other trouble-spots when finishing your videos.

Video Intra-Optimization

Especially when running video ads on social media and elsewhere, there's no way to guess how audiences will react, subconsciously, to your video. As one of the most impactful subconscious elements, color needs to be adjusted according to actual audience responses for maximal effect. We offer ongoing color adjustments to our digital marketing agency clients, so they can get the most results out of each ad.

Looking to Amplify Your Video Messaging Efforts?

If you currently produce video content and are looking to improve their visual punch, facilitate the post-production process, test multiple variations of your videos, or acquire assistance in your own workflow, we encourage you to reach out and schedule a discovery call.

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