Vybrary is a Lead Conversion Studio for Residential Solar.

leverage video-fueled solutions to Establish a human connnection at every stage of the sales process

Sure, you can source solar leads from a million different services. But what do you do to build a human connection and nurture leads through your sales process in a way your competition isn’t?

We equip solar marketers with rapport-building creative, lead nurturing automations, and brand indoctrination services  to help maximize conversion rates & ROI and generate happy clients.

Solar Lead Conversion Solutions

Most solar businesses focus on two things: getting leads, and converting them with their sales team. But they’re missing out on major opportunities to nurture & indoctrinate their leads through the entire sales cycle in ways that helps their businesses stand out from their competition. We equip solar businesses with unique, video-fueled creative assets, nurturing tools, and brand-indoctrinating services to generate enthusiasm, establish authority, and boost brand loyalty. 

Creative Assets

We offer funny, standout videos to enhance each stage of the customer journey from lead acquisition through review & testimonial generation. Most tools & services incorporate our unique creative to help your business stand out from your competition’s stock creative.

Lead Nurturing & Engagement Tools

Connect with your prospects in the spaces between  touch points. Stay top-of-mind, entertain them, educate them, and build trust to smooth every step of the sales cycle. Leverage video email sequences, personalized video messages, nurturing social ads, video texts, quizzes, and more to keep leads engaged and moving forward.


While client experience is critical for increasing your bottom line, so is your sanity. We centralize our tools, creative, and processes into turn-key services. You’ll receive your own client portal access for managing leads and monitoring progress. Following setup, we’ll take care of the rest. 


Establish a HUMAN connection with Videos at each stage of the sales process.

HUMANS stands for:

  • HUMor: A sense of humor is what attracts and binds us together. It’s how we first establish rapport with a stranger. It’s the building block for relationships. But it’s also the most-often ignored element in Solar Marketing. 
  • Align: After leading with humor, speak to the beliefs the solar audience values. Become the pathway to their better selves.
  • Need. Demonstrate how you understand your audience’s needs and ability to fulfill them. 
  • Solve. Shift their beliefs to perceive your solution as a way to solve their needs.

Lead with videos & tools that establish this HUMAN connection, and your audience will know, like, and trust you, before you’ve even spoken. 

Find Your Perfect Solar Video

use our solar video search tool

We’ve created a search tool to help you find the perfect funny, customizable, and HUMAN video for your social advertising campaigns. 

Big Brand Strategies for Local Solar

Employ Techniques from Established Mega-Brands for local lead gen success

Before focusing on the solar industry, exclusively, we spent years creating video ads for the Fortune 500 and other high-profile companies. Now we’ve adapted those storytelling strategies to benefit regional solar businesses and make a difference on the ground floor for a cause we believe in: support small business teams while helping save the environment one home at a time. 

Learn How to Leverage Video Storytelling

To Differentiate, Nurture, and Convert

Browse our Blog to learn video marketing strategies, storytelling approaches, and learn as we experiment. You can also access our social channels for regular updates. 

Sound like we might be able to help?

Let's Make Some Magic.

Each solar business benefits from a different cocktails of tools and creative, depending on their current capacity and future goals. Contact us to set up a call to discover your business’s winning combination!


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