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Vybrary empowers education enrollment & marketing teams to boost qualified applications by providing video strategy, production, and optimization solutions.

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Video Production & Campaign Solutions

Story Planning, Strategy & Integration

Each school has a different set of values, tone, and unique strengths, yet they often market themselves in very similar ways. We work with you to differentiate your story from competing schools by honing in on what makes you unique and then creating video story sequences that incorporate the strongest (and often, unexpected) genre conventions to grab attention, build affinity, and inspire action.

Production & Post Production

Depending on your needs, we'll manifest your ideas or ones that we've come up with together into fully-realized videos. Our team has vast experience in independent film, corporate films, big brand commercials, music videos, and everything in between, so we have the capacity to dial in the specific tone and stunning visuals that best fit your story.

Video Campaign Optimization

Unlike most video content production companies (or any we've heard of!), we believe in not only optimizing copy and images for video campaigns, but also creating multiple variations of each video to be A/B tested. This allows you to not rely on predictions to have a successful campaign, but to respond in real time to maximize connection and reduce ad spend. Depending on your team capabilities, we'll work in tandem with them or manage the campaigns with our ad team.

Attract  students who align with your school’s core values with standout creative that speaks the language they’re already speaking.

Case Study

P.S. 369 in New York City

Looking to attract students to the school, which had been losing enrollment to nearby charter schools, and inspire the students to excel on the state tests, P.S. 369 looked to us to create a unique music video that highlighted the faculty and students’ skills in an unconventional way. 100,000 views later, the video & students were featured by Ellen Degeneres and Cardi B, among other local news outlets, for their positive messaging and unique approach to student empowerment.

The Lab

Research, ideation, strategy, production, and optimization form the core foundations of a successful video campaign. We’re always experimenting with different approaches to each of these core building blocks, and we document our findings as we go. The ‘Lab’ is a collection of our thoughts, findings, techniques, and industry commentary. Here’s a window into our hungry noggins.

A/B Test Your Videos with Micro-Optimizations to Maximize Video ROI

As opposed to traditional A/B testing, where you test completely different creative, we encourage micro-optimizations, which involves testing 1-3 second changes within each video's critical elements.

Genre-Playful Awareness Videos

Researching and emulating industry video conventions is the quickest way... to not standing out. Genre-playful ideation generates awareness-level videos that lead prospective leads into your funnel.

The Enrollment Marketing Sales Funnel

We propose that enrollment marketing requires a hybrid of the traditional B2B and B2C sales funnel to appeal to all stakeholders in the enrollment decision-making. By understanding each stage of the funnel, we can know how to reach our prospective students in each one.

Case Study

Florida State University

Sometimes your school already has a strong marketing strategy in action, and you don’t need a full awareness campaign. In these cases, you may want to highlight a specific program’s offerings to attract students. We partnered with Florida State University’s School of Theatre to create a series of student Q&A videos about their year of auditioning for programs and why, ultimately, they chose FSU over competing schools, like NYU, Julliard, and DePaul. They then featured these videos on their website, social channels, and their UPTA page, which attracted 1,200 applicants for the 12 spots in the program, alone.  

Our story

Origin Story

As told by Founder, Kevin Barber

Following a decade as a fictional and commercial filmmaker for brands and agencies, like Gatorade, Forbes, Zeiss, Merkle, and Standard Motor Products, I joined the faculty at  Pace University’s Digital Film and Media department to share some of what’d I’d learned along the way.

Two semesters later, I realized that, in addition to personal work ethic, students’ success often rests on how good a fit they are for the program. Some students strengths or weaknesses will better match certain programs than others. As a transfer student, myself, I also experienced this misalignment of student affinity and program offerings in college and again in graduate school. The schools’ messaging didn’t match the actual attitude and strengths/weaknesses of their programs, even if they did on paper.

I formed Vybrary to improve communications between schools and the students they seek to enroll to ultimately benefit both parties. By creating awareness video campaigns that accurately portray the school in tone, as well as specifications, schools can better differentiate themselves from their competition and attract students that are better fits for their programs. This alignment results in stronger retention rates, a happier student body, and, ultimately, the cultivation of future brand ambassadors. 

At Vybrary, we amplify our background as creators for stylized fictional content, brand commercials, and ultra-practical corporate communications videos with our inbound marketing team to structure optimizeable campaigns that fuel each step of your ideal student’s journey towards enrolling in your school. 

Case Study

Terry Knickerbocker STUDIO

In addition to working with conventional schools, we’ve paired with private studios to bolster their digital presence with day-in-the-life campaigns that feature a combination of behind the scenes footage, testimonials, and in-depth dives into the school’s offerings. These campaigns populate their websites and social channels, creating cohesive brand image across platforms. In this specific instance, we paired with the studio’s social media manager to prep for an upcoming intensive program the school was offering by providing a series of content for the manager to deploy strategically throughout the preceding months. 

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