Vybrary is a video production and marketing agency that crafts end-to-end video marketing campaigns to help owner-operated businesses secure new clients and create life-long brand advocates.

Play in the Big Leagues

Leverage Techniques from Established Mega-Brands for Small Business Success​

We spent years serving high-profile companies in the Fortune 500 and their respective niches in New York City, before deciding to focus primarily on serving smaller owner-operated businesses, whose lives truly stood to be transformed by our work. Now we focus on providing sustainable, full-service video marketing solutions, so our clients can continue to focus on making their unique contributions to the world.

Integrated Video Marketing Solutions

Story & Strategy

You are masters of your craft… Not necessarily of video storytelling & marketing. We collaborate with you to construct compelling video marketing campaigns that help you acquire new clients by  enhancing interactions at every stage of the customer journey.

End-to-End Video Production

We’ve focused our production resources to best serve owner-operated businesses, so that you can focus on doing what you do best. Our aim is to make Superbowl-caliber videos accessible to smaller organizations. 

Campaign Management

We make sure your content is distributed in the most effective digital platforms. Each video will have been constructed to fit this distribution strategy from the onset, resulting in greater efficiencies and messaging specificity. 


View how we've brought stories to life for our clients with our video production capabilities.


Learn how we've made a huge impact for our clients. with our video campaigns.

Our Y in V_brary

Our mission is to transform the lives of our small business clients by empowering them with sustainable, custom-tailored video marketing solutions.

Small businesses hold a competitive advantage over larger companies, because they can be nimble, daring, and proactive, which provides a perfect cocktail for standing out and upsetting the status quo.

We love that challenge.

Our founder, Kevin Barber, started his video production & marketing journey in 2011 as the one-person media team in his family’s small environmental manufacturing business, before moving to New York City, where he worked with some of the world’s top companies , agencies, and brands; including, Forbes, Gatorade, Mastercard, and Standard Motor Products. He then started Vybrary to positively impact the lives of other small business owners and employees, just as he had with his family’s business, by bringing the techniques and strategies he had learned working with the big brands to smaller organizations. 

We’ve structured our company to make the video marketing strategies & techniques of the titans accessible to smaller businesses in adaptations that best suite the unique needs and resources of smaller organizations.

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