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Brilliant strategy, unique stories, and visceral video production are a waste of resources, unless you can translate them into concrete results for your business. Here’s a sampling of how we’ve helped businesses bridge the gap by creating huge impact with tiny teams.

H. Barber & Sons

lead generation & brand awareness campaign

In an effort to generate leads for this extremely niched heavy manufacturing company, we took a unique approach to B2B marketing. Within a week, one of the videos garnered 30 million views. The campaign resulted in increasing leads by 280% increase in online leads and a 40% increase in total sales compared to the prior year .

New York City Public Schools

organic social media RE-BRANDING campaign

We created a music video with P.S. 369 in the South Bronx to bring awareness to the unique programming the school was offering (as opposed to competing charters). Within three days of pushing play on the organic social media campaign, the video had received over 100,000 views and been featured by Ellen Degeneres and Cardi B and re-branded the school in the community from ‘failing’ to ‘innovative.’

One Person. One Video. Millions of Views.

One of the greatest benefits of the story-crafting & scripting technique we teach our clients is that the videos can be produced by one-person camera crews, which grants endless cost & management flexibility to businesses with smaller teams. In addition to the other case studies on this page, here are some of the videos we’ve helped produce that were shot & edited by one-person production teams:

Play Video
Play Video

the Lieu

startup fundraising campaign

We collaborated with the Lieu’s co-founder, Rebecca Lima, to create an engaging fundraising video for their startup’s fundraising campaign, which yielded 290% of its original goal.



Similar to the Lieu, we helped  the prop-tech startup, Alpha’a create several fundraising videos for their crowd sourcing platform by consulting with their scripting and performing end-to-end video production. Their first round of fundraising resulted in raising 240% of its initial goal.

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