We Help Residential Solar Sales Teams Attract & Nurture New Customers With Video Messaging Solutions

We combine our visual storytelling expertise with our constantly-evolving knowledge of residential solar customers to engage their needs & desires at every stage of the customer journey & guide them from being a cold audience member  straight through to having a new solar system on their house. By creating engaging video commercials and easily-applied nurturing  sequences that easily integrate with your existing sales & marketing processes,  we aim to help you spread the adoption of solar to help our communities & earth.

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Match the Context of the Room

You may notice our content is a bit different...

Unlike most lead solar marketing agencies, our content focusses exclusively on video and runs the gamut from funny commercials to straight-forward educational videos. That’s because it’s critical to match the context of where your customers will be engaging with you and their level of awareness of solar and your business. 

This means we deploy a mix of video types on a variety of platforms; like, funny videos or testimonials to grab attention on social, educational videos and custom greetings to nurture leads, and straight forward communication when it comes time to take action. There is no one-size-fits-all video type or funnel, and we make and save our clients thousands of dollars per month by adding this customized level of specificity to each video they deploy.

Our Background:

big brand strategies + small business expertise

Before focusing on the solar industry, exclusively, we spent years in New York City creating video ads for the Fortune 500 and other high-profile brands. Our videos have been featured by Ellen Degeneres, Cardi B, and numerous news and media channels. 

Before starting Vybrary, founder Kevin Barber worked as the digital marketing director of his family’s small environmental manufacturing business that makes beach cleaning machines. 

He transitioned them from being an entirely sales-oriented business to becoming the digital leader in their industry, building a library of over 100 promotional, educational, and commercial videos, re-building their website from the ground up with an SEO focus (and bringing their site to the #1 spot in their 5 major search terms), and directing their social advertising & outreach. 

Their video campaigns generated 40 million views in several years in organic YouTube and Facebook traffic, leading to directly attributable 2x annual revenue growth

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Reading Material

While our work mostly speaks for itself, it’s always helpful to get to know how potential partners think. Check out our blog to learn more about our approach to video marketing in the residential solar space.


How do you drive specific actions to grow your solar business using stories? How do you build end-to-end campaigns to build awareness, grow your client base, and lubricate the sales process?


Our blog features behind-the-scenes applications of the strategies we talk about from video & content creation to implementing them in lead gen and nurturing campaigns. 

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