Alternate Energy

Energy independence at all costs merits trying different approaches, even harnessing static electricity.

Video Details


Ally is caught in the act of trying to capture static electricity from a baby’s head as an alternative source of energy.

Strategy & Psychology

This video takes our natural desire to come up with smart solutions to our problems, like attaining free energy, and shifts it to the world of the absurd. We can relate to the character’s intent and past failures and recognize them in ourselves. Ally’s failed action in the video could resonate with the audience by simply referring to their inaction, which is the greatest failure of all.

The suspense genre helps to heighten this sense of self-importance, which, when combined with an absurd task, fuels the comedy and ability for the audience to relate.

Campaign Integration

This video works well as a problem/awareness-oriented, top-of-funnel video, by speaking to the audience’s desire for energy independence and past failures to attain it, without proposing the solution. This sets them up to be more receptive to your more solution-oriented ads & messaging. Pair this video with more solution-oriented creative and messaging. Link it to your other ads by creating continuity between the tagline at the end of the video and your other ad messaging.

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Matching Videos from the Library

While this works as a standalone video, this story is not directly tied to any of the other videos in the library, other than through character recognition. It could work well as a one-off entertaining video mixed with a larger creative library. Brand/ad recognition can be increased by simultaneously running this video with the others that feature the Ally character; including, ‘It Started With My Energy Bill’ and ‘Open House.