It Started With My Energy Bill.

A simple inquiry into Nancy’s high energy bill leads her down a dark path.

Video Details


Nancy unloads her increasing paranoia about how oil is in everything on her friend, Ally, who switches places with her by the end.

Strategy & Psychology

This story speaks to potential solar customers who are environmentally conscious and always weighing their choices with their environmental impact. We’ve all gone down the dark Google path, only to discover every action causes some kind of potential destruction. Given the ‘Green early adopter’ avatar’s predisposition towards heavily researching their food, fitness, clothing, energy, and other choices, this video hits a comic nerve, as we realize we’re all a bit like Nancy.

Campaign Integration

For maximum effectiveness, pair this video with other campaign copy and creative that speak to the potential clients’ values, social responsibility, and sense of opposition to ‘the man.’

Included Assets

High Quality 3840 x 2160 UHD Editable Core Video

DN-HRX 10-bit codec with .mxf file wrapper to eliminate visual quality loss from subsequent edits

Subtitle (.srt) file for closed captions on all major distribution platforms

How-to-Guide for Customizing the video to your campaign and brand messaging

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Editing & Video Customization

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Matching Videos from the Library

Other videos in the Sacksy (character recognition) or Best Intentions (thematic similarities) series  in the library would work well in conjunction with this video to create a unified video experience and re-engage warm leads. “Alternate Energy” also acts as a continuation of this video to show how Ally has responded to her newly-acquired consciousness.