My Friend, Nancy

Nancy lives the the ideal eco-friendly lifestyle as part of a childhood promise she made with Lisa to help the environment. Lisa… admires that.

Video Details


‘My Friend Nancy’ comes with two video versions.

  1. The Straightforward Version: Lisa describes how she and her best friend, Nancy, are following through on a childhood promise to save the environment from greedy corporations.
  2. The Daydream Version: Lisa gets lost in a fantasy, as she transitions from telling us about how Nancy helps the environment to fantasizing about her free-wheeling, urban lifestyle. A screaming baby from the next room brings Lisa back to reality, where she shares that, by installing solar panels, is still able to fulfill her end of the promise–only in a simpler way than forming her entire life around her mission.

Both versions are included with a license to provide you with more options to test in your campaign.

Strategy & Psychology

This video highlights how we all have certain values, but that other life circumstances, like having a family, often interfere with these core values.

In the straightforward version of the video, Lisa shares this simple truth and then provides a solution she’s embraced to align her actions with her values. This creates a clear path for the audience to follow to feel the same way.

In the second version of the video, we witness Lisa’s emotional longing for a life she imagines, but doesn’t live. Solar then becomes one of the small ways she can live part of that dream. This version could resonate with audiences who feel an equal misalignment in their own lives. They know they can’t change everything. So solar becomes a simple solution for them to feel a bit more control and re-capture their identity they had before family or other obligations that now prevent them from a more values-driven lifestyle.

Campaign Integration

For maximum effectiveness, pair this video with other campaign copy and creative that speak to how solar is a simple way to help the environment, save money, and, most importantly, feel a sense of control over how they’re living their lives, despite their hectic lifestyles and family obligations. Add a tagline at the end that highlights these benefits.

Included Assets

High Quality 3840 x 2160 UHD Editable Core Video

DN-HRX 10-bit codec with .mxf file wrapper to eliminate visual quality loss from subsequent edits

Subtitle (.srt) file for closed captions on all major distribution platforms

How-to-Guide for Customizing the video to your campaign and brand messaging

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Editing & Video Customization

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