Public Transit PSA

Lisa fights the good fight to avoid owning a car and thinks you should, too. In theory.

Video Details


A concerned citizen shares how she uses public transit to cut down on the environmentally & financially detrimental effects of owning a car. But when the public transit she’s promoting is delayed, she opts to take a care share, instead of waiting on the cold subway platform.

Strategy & Psychology

This video speaks to how we often don’t’ live up to our lofty ideals. It says, “We get it. Sometimes you just don’t want to go through the hassle of being a socially-responsible person.” By relating to these human reactions, the video positions the brand as an understanding ear, who then offers an equally reasonable solution that makes it easier for the audience to live in line with their ideals, without all the great discomforts (and guilt) of trying to do it all perfectly.

Campaign Integration

This video would pair well with campaign messaging that highlights how solar offers a simple, convenient, and socially responsible solution for every-day folks. It also integrates well with more finance-driven messaging. Place it at the top of the funnel to invite engagement, and then retarget with more solution & offer-oriented ads and content.

Included Assets

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