Agent of Change

A concerned citizen braves paper cuts and more serious maladies to make her voice heard.

Video Details


A concerned citizen prepares a petition to be mailed. From the bloody Band-Aids on her hands, we can deduce that she’s been at this for a while. Just as she’s about to seal the envelope, she then receives a paper cut… on her tongue. Her dog feels her pain.

Strategy & Psychology

This video induces a visceral response to the pain we feel when we engage in unproductive tactics to bring about change in our lives. Perhaps the greatest pain is that she’s spent so much time writing and sending these letters, when there’s an easier alternative, like Solar. Affect change through your purchases and lifestyle, instead of damaging yourself through the brutal manual labor of envelope-stuffing.

This video speaks to potential customers who are primarily focused on helping the environment and making a change by acknowledging their efforts and challenging them to consider a more impactful approach than they may have already taken.

Campaign Integration

This video would integrate well with a campaign that focusses more on mission & values-driven audiences, who are accustomed to seeing non-profit and social-mission-based content. It would be less relatable for the average household member who’s just looking to save a few bucks on their energy bill.

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