Best Intentions

Our fearless couple goes to extreme lengths to reduce their energy bill, because that’s what you should do, right?

Video Details


Hubby and Wife take numerous energy-efficiency tactics too far and are miserable because of it. The Sun steps in at the end to offer an alternate path.

Strategy & Psychology

This video exaggerates the traditional, recognizable recommendations most people follow to improve the energy efficiency of their homes and reduce their electric bill. By taking these recommendations too far, the video amplifies the emotions anyone in the audience has likely experienced when taking on similar projects. It’s a pain in the butt. This relatability opens the door to be more receptive to Solar as a solution when the Sun steps in. This traditional problem/solution approach is a tried and true story structure, which is made a bit more fun by the extremes the characters engage in.

Campaign Integration

This video would work well as a problem/solution-oriented top-of-funnel video or to further engage warm leads. Provide your business’s solution or offer in the tagline space for a direct response objective, or keep the video more solution-focused to prepare the audience for a more direct call to action in a separate ad.

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