My Special, Special Home

Our homes should be an expression of our lifestyles, no matter how unique those lifestyles are. Take Daisy, for example. 

Video Details


As an episode in the docuseries, ‘Home: My Special, Special Home,’ Daisy walks us through her daily routine. In it, we learn that solar powers many of the unique aspects of her life.

Strategy & Psychology

This video would work well when added to campaigns that appeal to the audience’s sense of individuality and status. They want to feel different than their neighbors–more considered or conscientious, perhaps. While Daisy is an extreme example, audiences can see part of themselves in her–individual, independent, and thoughtful about their choices. The odd aspects of her story create the humor, but we can admire her lack of pretense and confidence.

Campaign Integration

This video would pair well with campaigns that stress individuality, energy-independence, and the benefits of conscientious, sustainable lifestyles. Use the tagline space at the end of the video to bring attention to how solar helps power this lifestyle, and then align your brand with the message in the final moment of the video with a simple overlay as she jumps onto the bed. It could work well at the top of funnel or middle when paired with other on-the-nose, solution-oriented content.

Included Assets

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My Special, Special Home is a standalone video that thematically pairs well with other videos in the ‘Home-y’ series, like ‘My Friend Nancy’ and ‘Open House.’ All three videos portray the home is an extension of her unique lifestyle AND beliefs, which include environmental stewardship.