Open House

A fanciful real estate agent must reconcile his majestic tastes with his clients’ more practical concerns.


Video Details


Charles, a real estate agent, can’t catch a break as he tries to sell a majestic old estate to a millennial who is interested in more… practical concerns, like solar energy. This video can also be adapted to other forms of sustainable energy through a simple voiceover switch, per request.

Strategy & Psychology

This video speaks most to the early adopter wo wants to feel like the have ‘better taste’ than other well-off people who value size over functionality and sustainability. By presenting us with an old, regal, and yes, falling-apart, home, solar is positioned as the modern contrast to the old way of doing things.

It also pokes fun at the ‘spokesperson’ video format, which is used excessively in the solar video marketing space. Instead of the spokesperson being the authority, the ending of the video makes the consumer the authority, which could be satisfying (and stand out) to audiences who’ve been battered by sales-y solar videos.

Campaign Integration

The video could work well as a top-of-funnel video to introduce the idea of solar as a worthwhile feature of their new or existing homes, without trying to hammer an offer first. Pair it with other messaging that stresses how solar will improve the home’s worth and functionality or direct offers.

Included Assets

High Quality 3840 x 2160 UHD Editable Core Video

DN-HRX 10-bit codec with .mxf file wrapper to eliminate visual quality loss from subsequent edits

Subtitle (.srt) file for closed captions on all major distribution platforms

How-to-Guide for Customizing the video to your campaign and brand messaging

Available Premium Services

Editing & Video Customization

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