Light My Filament

‘Sustainable’ energy is the foundation for a healthy planet–and marriage.

Video Details


Hubby and Wife engage in a foreplay ritual that revolves around making their home more energy efficient. All is going well, until Hubby gets a bit too excited by Wife’s reaction. And… well, the event ends in disappointment for all.

Strategy & Psychology

The principle aim of this video is to entertain and engage the audience with an easily-recognizable scenario that follows an untraditional playbook. Most people in the world have experienced moments of sexual inadequacy or disappointment. By providing the audience with the opportunity to enjoy this schadenfreude moment in the context of energy efficiency, they link the two problems in their minds, which makes them more receptive for subsequent solution-oriented ad messaging.

Campaign Integration

Pair this video with content that emphasizes how they’re missing out on opportunities to improve their lives with a more sustainable, energy-efficient home.

Included Assets

High Quality 3840 x 2160 UHD Editable Core Video

DN-HRX 10-bit codec with .mxf file wrapper to eliminate visual quality loss from subsequent edits

Subtitle (.sbt) file for closed captions on all major distribution platforms

16:9 and 1:1 Aspect Ratios for platform optimization

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For extra continuity, brand recognition, and audience alignment, pair this video with others in the Sun, Son series, which link the Hubby & Wife characters with explicitly solar-solution-oriented situations.